How Harmful is porn?

It is currently estimated that over 95% of men have used or currently use pornography.

It has become so ubiquitous because of it's easy accessibility through phones and tablets that we have almost become complacent about it. Some people are able to recognize it as fantasy and use it wisely; either on their own or with a partner. For others however, the use of pornography can cause issues within their relationships, particularly when one partner doesn't like it. Pornography can affect the sexual intimacy of a previously healthy relationship and stir up anxieties and tensions that are challenging to work through. If pornography is becoming a problem then a couple need to start talking about it as soon as possible. Of course this is a difficult conversation to begin, there will be a lot of strong emotions around it, hurt and often anger-but at least it will be out in the open. If talking about this issue proves too difficult and a couple get caught in a cycle of rows and recriminations, then professional help is advised.

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