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Frequently asked questions

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Sexual difficulties are common and can occur at any time in life. They have many causes including physical, emotional, relational or psychological. Sometimes they only occur in certain situations but most often they develop through a combination of factors. It can be that you have struggled with a sexual problem all your life or it has suddenly developed.

It can be really difficult to talk about sex and particularly about a sexual problem-it’s such a personal part of our lives. A sex therapist is specifically trained and qualified in this area and is comfortable in discussing all aspects of sex and sexuality in a safe and respectful way.

Sometimes people attend their GP about a particular sexual concern and are then referred to sex therapy but this is not always necessary. I liaise with GP’s, gynaecologists and urologists and if appropriate, may ask you to see one of these in order to rule out medical causes for a sexual problem or for a further examination. If this is necessary, it will be discussed with you in full.

If you have a current partner it is best to come along to sessions together because sexual problems rarely if ever ‘belong’ to one person or the other and you will find it helpful to support each other through the process. You may wish to attend the first appointment on your own and then they come along with you later. And of course you don’t need to have a partner to attend sex therapy.

I will understand that it will have taken a lot of courage to seek help and will support you in beginning to talk about the problem that you or you and your partner are experiencing.

The first steps will involve taking a detailed history of the problem and how affects your sex life and/or your relationship. You will be given comprehensive information about how your own sexual difficulties have arisen and a treatment programme will be outlined. You will be guided and supported through every step of this.

Sexual difficulties are different for everyone and some people will need more or less time than others to reach their desired goal in sexual functioning. There will be opportunities throughout therapy to discuss and review your progress.